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Are you looking for accommodation during the triathlon week of Challenge Šamorín? You are welcome to stay directly in our resort at the X-BIONIC® HOTEL. Enjoy the incredible energy in a place that exceeds your expectations.


X-BIONIC® SPHERE is a unique multipurpose complex with an area of over 100 hectares. The state-of-the-art facilities approved by international sports federations offer professional conditions for 27 Olympic sport disciplines. Eat, sleep, train and compete all in one place - with plenty of opportunities for leisure activities!


Challenge Samorin is a fantastic excuse for a brilliant European holiday. Turn your triathlon experience into a weeklong holiday in Central Europe at x-bionic® sphere, close to Vienna, Budapest and Prague.

The Championship

THECHAMPIONSHIP is the new standard in international triathlon. The half distance (1.9/90/21.1) championship event will take place at the incredible x-bionic® sphere in Samorin, Slovakia on June 3, 2017.


One of the most prestigious global triathlon competitions Challenge Family will take place at x-bionic® sphere in Samorin. A unique place for maximum performance and experience – that is x-bionic® sphere, the organizer and the venue of the triathlon festival Challenge Samorin, taking place from the 15th to the 21st of August 2016.

Samorin is a small town on the Danube river with 800 years worth of history and a rich tradition of sport. It is a great location to take trips to Western Slovakia, Austria or Hungary – by bike, horse, boat or car.

x-bionic® sphere is a unique multipurpose complex with an area of over 100 hectares, offering excellent conditions for professional and amateur sports, relaxation, entertainment and congressional tourism. It is one of the most remarkable facilities of its kind in Europe and the whole world. A new hotel, restaurants, parks and sports venues including x-bionic® aquatic sphere (50m outdoor and 25m indoor pools, 3 pools for children, 4 water slides, wellness, x-bionic® equestor sphere, a paradise for horses and horse lovers, gym, athletics stadium, multifunctional indoor hall, gymnastics hall… It is the ideal place for fantastic sports performances, exclusive events and active relaxation.

1. x-bionic® sphere – a unique, multi-sport resort of a world-class standard. It can not be described with words – you have to see it!
2. Everything in one place – the needs of your family while you are racing or training are all covered.
3. The course – flat, safe and extremely fast, set in the scenic Danube Lowlands of the Great Rye Island!
4. SAMORIN – one of the most sporty cities of Slovakia – excellent facilities for athletes, remarkable atmosphere created by the locals.
5. CHALLENGE – achieve your best time, prepare for a longer distance, finish your first triathlon, lose a few kilograms and improve your fitness, race in a relay with friends, family or colleagues. We are sure you will be leaving with unforgettable memories of what you have achieved – and you will become a part of the Challenge Family!